PLEASE schedule emails to not send overnight!

It would be great if event email reminders that send out automatically didn’t send out in the middle of the night.

I for one carry a work cell phone that I can’t silence overnight - getting reminded of an event on a Tuesday at 1 am Monday is an easy way to make my wife mad.

Looks at the community, seems to be a fairly common complaint.

Maybe just hard code the scheduler to NOT send out any emails between 10 pm and 6 am?


Seems like an easy request.

Coming from the IT background - I imagine that there are scheduled jobs and processes that trigger the emails. There may be prerequisites behind the scenes we aren’t aware.

Doesn’t hurt to ask.

I agree - it would be more visible to get parent attention / scout attention if it arrived at like 7 PM when they could respond or reply or RSVP or or or…

This sounds like a good idea in theory but the middle of the night in the US is the middle of the day here in Australia. Troop Track is used all around the world.

So if every Unit had a Home Time Zone that they set as part of startup then that could relieve that problem.