How do I edit the contact list?

So, I am a TroopTracks newbie—recently rising T101 Committee Chair…

The troop contact list has been an issue for us. It doesn’t seem to be the most efficient way to disseminate information. It includes lots of repeat information, and some information is out of date—of course.

As far as I can tell there is not an easy way to edit it.

  • Is it dynamically generated based on member database of information? How do I edit the database?
  • Is it publicly viewable?
  • Are we obligated to post the contact information for all scouts?
  • Is the only way we access this by clicking Communicate Menu>>>Contact List?

Ultimately, I think we’d like the focus to be on the leadership who need to be able to communicate with parents and boys.

Any suggestions?


Hi @LuisRodriguez1,

The contact list you specified is populated with information entered into TroopTrack. You can change the information on the list by editing the records of those on the list. To change a leader’s information, you would go to their profile and change their information there.

By default, this list is not publicly viewable.

You only need to put contact information in TroopTrack if you’d like to use our communication features. It is not required, but you won’t be able to send emails, texts, have people rsvp for events, etc.

The only way to access the contact list is by using Communicate > Contact list. You could use the member spreadsheet or print roster to get a pdf for it. You could also create a custom report using Manage > Reports. The only way to change the information is to edit the individual records, though.

If you are just trying to share an email list, I would just use TroopTrack’s Communicate > Send an Email feature. If you want to share phone numbers, etc. I would download the spreadsheet and pdf of the contact lists and upload them under Share > Troop Documents. Otherwise, those who you’d like to view it just where it is will need the proper privilege and access level.

Let me know if you have any other questions or need more help with this!

I’ve not been able to entirely remove several people from the contact list. Deactivating and/or removing their records have not worked. For example, please check Lynn Davenport on tx-0191. E. Inman, TM

That user in particular is still part of your troop. I tried to log into their account and got the message: “This user has been closed for inactivity.”

This is kind of a limbo phase I think where neither you nor I can remove or reactivate that user. I believe it has to be the National Office who handles that one.

OK, thanks. Ill contact the home office. There are several like this tgat need to be removed from that ‘contact list’

There are still several, numerous, deactivated or deleted members who still appear on mailing and/or report lists. I think there is a bug… names are not completely removed from the various TT components. For instance, Jake Craven is deactivated but shows up on the privileges report.

I put in a ticket requesting a work around for this. There are users who get deactivated due to inactivity. It’s a Trail Life only feature and as far as I know, it can only be fixed from the Trail Life national tool. I want to be able to fix this myself if it’s permitted.

Was this ever resolved? I have quite a few people that keep telling me to take them off the email lists as they no longer come to TT…but I cannot get them off of the Magic Mailboxes