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We wanted our scouts and parents to have access to member directory information. Name, phone, email, address, regardless of ultimate access level. We know that we could run a report, and put it in ‘share’, but that is a fixed document. We wish that in the ‘communicate’ portal, when scouts and adults go to ‘contact list’ they actually GET a FULL contact list for all adults and scouts, and MBCs within the troop. Right now, only adults are showing in that list. We would like scout info included too.



Hi @JenChristensen,

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Let’s get some more input from the Community and then our developers will consider the request.

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I like it, it would make it easier for boys to reach out to adults for whatever they need.


Hi @sgaines,

Anyone who logs into TroopTrack can go to Communicate > Contact List and see the Troop adult’s and leadership’s contact information.

This request is about allowing scouts to see all other scouts contact information.

I hope this helps!

If implemented, I’d want to be able to opt in or out … like on the troop settings page.

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We would like to have a pictorial directory for our troop. If everyone uploads a photo to their profiles, the member contact list would be a great resource. However,

  1. scouts don’t seem to be able to access this and I’m not sure whether non-leader parents would be able to, either.

  2. We have girls showing up in the Adult Leadership list for some reason.

I’d love to see this made accessible. Our troop has struggled every year trying to put together a directory in a timely manner when TT could make it a no-brainer.

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I have to bump people up to unit access before “Communicate > Contact List” becomes an option. Have I set something wrong somewhere?

As to the original question, yes, I’d like to make the contact list and/or troop directory more universally available rather than create a report each time the information changes and share that. Whether it’s part of privileges (or creating unit specific access groups) or a yes/no toggle in the troop settings - anything will help me. (Especially since, as you can tell from first sentence, our users don’t seem to have access to even a leader contact list?)


A directory of all scouts would be very helpful to our troop as well. I would like to see something like this:

  • A search field very similar to the e-mail look up field in the “Send an E-mail” function but instead of pulling in the e-mail, it would display all of the persons contact info

  • Would also be great to have the photo pull up

  • The ability to opt in/out of this feature would be a good idea

  • Some functionality around PATROL would be helpful, so that if a Patrol Leader wanted to quickly generate a contact list for their patrol they could do so

  • Allowing this same look-up functionality in the APP would be super

Thanks, - Bob