How do scouts contact a leader via TroopTrack

If scouts are set to “self” as an access level, they cannot send an email to any individuals withine the Troop. they can only send to teh majic and custom email addresses that they have been given access to. Also, there is no way for a scout to look up the contact information for someone else in the Troop. Am I missing something? Is this by design? Is there a setting somewhere I am missing?

I just logged into my Son’s account to see what he could do and under Communicate - Send an Email I am able to select the Members field and all of the Troop members show up. I was able to select our Scoutmaster as well as myself and send a message. There is a setting under Manage - Settings - Edit Troop Settings - TroopTrack Settings - Basic E-Mail Settings where you can Restrict e-mails based on access level, we have that off. Perhaps it is on for your unit?

Thanks Aaron. Yes that was it. I flipped the switch on that setting and all is good now.