Phone Numbers

Is there a way to print a contact list with the members phone numbers?

Following b/c I’ve been looking for the same thing and haven’t found it yet!

You can go to “Communicate – Contact List” and get a list of everyone with email addresses and phone numbers.

Alternatively, you can go to “Communicate – Print Roster” and get a PDF of names, email addresses, and phone numbers for everyone or a selected subset of your membership. This is handy for giving to your leaders. :slight_smile:

For Girl Scouts is there a way to add the Troop number to the info in Print Roster report if you are only selecting Adult Leadership? Also, we have some leaders with names long enough that they wrap around and end up under the position. Is there a way to fix that?

I personally need one for our troop with just the names and phone numbers on a handy sheet. When I try to use the “Contact List”, it duplicates leaders and is really long. A way to filter it down by squad with just phone numbers would be very helpful. Our current workaround is to do it by hand. :confused:

@AcquanettaLeDuff @SRUEDU @gscrawley

If you go to Quick Nav > Reports > Create Users Report, you can create a custom report that includes only name and phone number, or that has whatever additional info you need (scout or not, patrol, etc.). Creating it this way should also solve the problem of repeating users and long names.

Also, if you want to do something like see everyone who is a scout, and then alphabetize them within that category, you click the “Scout” header, then hold down the shift key and click the “Full name” or “Last name” header depending on which one you used, and then it will sort them into two groups (scout or not), and then by name alphabetically within that list.

Then you can print that report directly or copy and paste it into something like Excel or Sheets.

Thanks!! I searched and searched for that sucker for a good long while and could not find one that gave me the ability to pull just names and phone numbers!! I found all sorts of other reports I didn’t know I could do, but not that one! TT just likes to mess with me sometimes. Yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. :laughing:

Thanks for the sorting tip. How do I select, for example, only Leaders if I’m using Create Users Report?

I’m having the same trouble @gscrawley . I need to be able to pull the reports by squads and leaders. It would also be easier to read if I could filter a report down to just family names. I have leaders and girls in the same squad, I don’t need to see them in duplicate. Maybe I’m just missing part of the instructions? But when I tried the above, I would get the reports with every single family member and their information. The reports I’m trying to create would be like this:

  1. Family Name Phone Numbers

  2. Leader Name Phone Numbers

  3. Girl Name Phone Number (with the ability to see/do this by individual squads).

Currently, I create all these reports by hand b/c I can’t figure out how to make the Custom Reports do this for me. I know all the information in is TT, but I take the Members Report that TT emails to me as a CSV file and create all my own reports from it by copy, pasting, deleting, and rearranging. If I could figure out how to make those 3 reports, that would save me a bundle of time!

@KelsieC Any thoughts on my question about selecting a subset and not having the whole unit on the report?

Sorry for the delay on getting back to you! We have it on our to-do list to make the reports filterable, but I still don’t have an ETA on that. We only have one developer and he has A LOT to do, so unfortunately anything other than minor changes takes a little bit of time to get to. :frowning: