Attach a sign up sheet to RSVP "yes"

Feature request - We’d like for a sign up sheet to somehow be attached to an RSVP for an event.
So, when someone RSVPs “yes” to a camp out, then they are directed to a sign up sheet to sign up for their volunteer role.

Conversely, it keeps someone from signing up to bring “cucumber sandwiches” to a tea party, then the organizer realizing the night before that they only signed up to bring food, but didn’t actually RSVP to the event, so she has no place card made, no table setting assigned to them, etc… (yep, personal experience there!)

I’m sure this is way more complicated to make happen that just to write out - but since everything about writing code pretty much seems like magic to me, I thought I’d ask. :smiley:


this is a great idea…i see it was posted in april…any feedback or changes made since?

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Not yet, but I know that they are constantly working to improve Troop Track, so I am hopeful.

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There have been a large number of similar requests to this. Add likes to let TT know what is important to the Community. Just so you know TT has very limited resources and so will only work to implement changes that they can see have a large benefit to the majority of the TT user base. The easiest way for us to let them know what things we think are important is to like and add comments to ideas we like. The more community members respond about a particular idea the higher up the ToDo list it can climb.

Yes, would love this feature. When a boy or parent RSVP’s, they can click to go to a permission form, or add data such as a “t-shirt” size. For some summer camps we provide t-shirts to all attending boys. That way a parent, or boy, could make sure their correct t-shirt size is included with the registration.