How do you generate a TXT achievement report for a previous set of dates for IA2.0 importing?

I’m trying to generate an IA2.0 compatable TXT report from troop track in which can be uploaded to the council through the new IA2.0 software the council is using.

I have been able to generate a report with the latest achievements that haven’t been reported yet. But it seems that the last time I used turbo net in May, it didn’t upload properly using Turbonet and I have marked all of those items as reported. Can I generate an achievement TXT report compatible with IA2.0 backdated (i.e. Feb 5, 2019-May 28, 2019) so that I can import it into IA2.0 again?

Thank you, this would save me a lot of hand entering at the council level.

You would need to remove the Reported to Council Date from each of the achievements so that they would show up in the IA 2.0 screen to generate the file.