How do you introduce Troop Track to new parents?

I was looking for a 1 page document we could include with our new family packet to explain Troop Track to new families. We are with American Heritage Girls, but i would love to see one from any orgabization and modify as necessary.


Hi @njarrett

I think I have a document that I created for our troop with some quick helps on what they needed to be able to do. It was things like entering service hours, entering badges, etc.

Our parents don’t have complete access, they are only given “Household” access unless they are board or leaders. So the forms are made out for that. I’ll see if I can find it. If I can, I’ll message it over to you. :slight_smile:


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If you could message me I would really appreciate it!

I messaged you but for some reason it isn’t showing up in my messages. Did you get it?



Would you mind sharing that with me as well? I am starting a brand new troop as TC and I am the only one with trooptrack experience so I am just trying to find assistance in any way that I can to make this process go smoother. I will be forever grateful if you could!!


Would you mind sharing this with me also?

Sure, just send me your email in messages. :slight_smile: I’ll send it as a Word Document.

Would you mind sharing it with me too? Thank you!!

Anyone who would like the document, I’d be happy to share. Just message me your email address. :slight_smile:


I am interested as well. please do share with me as well

Sure, just send me your email. I can’t attach it in messages.

pmehta at pmehta dot com

Hi! May I have a copy as well?

Hello, I would like a copy Thank you ! Not sure if I am doing this correctly ?

Hi! I’d love the document,met as well.


Thank you!

Hi - another new user here, could you please email it to me too?

cubmaster.pack1280 at gmail dot com


Please send a copy to

Please send a copy to
Thank you!

Sounds like a great document! Can you please share with me as well? We are new and this would be great!


Could you please send me that also? I have my parent meeting in a few days. I think it would help parents use it more.