Is there a one page "How to Navigate Troop Track?"

We ask parents to complete an end of the year survey. Troop Track was new to our Troop this year and we received a good amount of comments on Troop Track from our Parents. Here are several:
Wasn’t easy to get started
Perhaps a flyer explaining the important features or an online tutorial
It’s all still confusing to me and I don’t feel I have it figured out.

We have a handbook for parents that we distribute at Orientation. I was wondering if you have a one or 2 page General Overview of each of the Badges, and perhaps what each Badge has under it… perhaps pictorial that could be printed an included in our Orientation Folder.
Also, it would be nice to have a paragraph on how to log in for the first time, and subsequent times. Once we send the invite email, if it gets lost or if it takes awhile for them work up the bravery to sign in, paper explanation in the Orientation Manual may be nice for a fall back.

Good Morning @Zaichenko,

Thanks for using the TroopTrack Community and thank you for your feedback.

Here is a link to our user guide:

That should help for now. We also offer scheduled, live demos for the basics of TroopTrack. We are also considering something like a (TroopTrack in 5 minutes) video that briefly goes over each of the badges.

Let me know if that helps. If anyone else in the Community has feedback or help, please do share.

Thank you and please continue to post your questions here on the Community as they arise.

Have a great day!