How do you introduce Troop Track to new parents?

Lol - I’m not really concerned with credit. :wink: Help those leaders! :smile:

You deserve at least a mention. This is very much needed. It’s hard for new parents and leaders to get going without some training on how to use the application. Our schedule is so full, I’m finding it difficult to squeeze in a demo for them. A user guide will help tremendously!

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Would appreciate a copy or a link to a share? Email to scott dot lawson at cox dot net. Thanks for the help!

Would love to know where to get this, or have it emailed to cspack680@gmail dot com. This would be fantastic to hand out at the next pack meeting.

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This sounds like something I was just thinking of creating!!

Thank you!

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Any progress on this?

I’d love to see this, too. Here’s what I shared with parents this year. Note that I tried to blur out personally identifying information (my own, anyway) in the screenshots, so they look pretty darned blurry.


If you send a copy to me I will share it out via google docs and post the link.

I would also love a copy. Thank you so much! jenm978 [at]

@DonHoover I’ll gladly send you the document, but please don’t post on google docs for anyone and everyone. ~ Thanks!


Would you please send a copy of the document to ?

Hey everyone, this document is now available in our getting started section.



Hello! I would love to have a copy of this if it’s still available! Do you have a separate one for leaders as well?

Thank you!

Hi Cheryl,

You can find the document here. It’s under “Getting Started” and then it should be the 2nd entry down called “TT Intro Document”.

Hope that helps!

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If you look at the post just above yours, the document can now be found on TT. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!


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Hi Pam, I sent you a request to edit the document, but I saved a copy and figured it out, thanks !

I am a new Girl scout leader and so far love the site
i understand the fee for the site as leader but when i invite parents to use it will they also be charged ?

I don’t think TT has different payment structures based on the type of organization or number of members.

If that’s still true (which I think it is), no, they will not be charged. The TT account for your unit is paid once through the person managing the account and there is no limit to how many users can be in the system. They don’t charge per-user like a lot of other similar programs out there.