How to Load Existing Html Pages into the Public Site on TroopTack

I have looked at the Share Public Site interface and it seems it only allows typing in stuff through a simple text box interface. We have an existing web site that we would like to move our pages from onto the trooptrack public site. That would eliminate the cost of the domain name and web service which seems unnecessary, however, the current method of entering a public site looks prohibitively limited and does not support off line development or transfer of pages using a file transfer method such as SFTP – which is what we do to load pages on the web provider server.

Is there a way to do this?
If not, is it possible to add such a capability?

TT is definitely not as flexible or powerful as a full-fledged host, but we pasted our old HTML code into the new editor with the </> function and it worked more or less. TT doesn’t seem to allow js, so that might limit your compatibility. If your site is compatible, you can develop offline then paste the modified code.

You can also upload and link to HTML files with the Share > Pack Documents > Upload a Document function, but that will require people to be logged in, which defeats the Public site purpose.