How to replace an existing Media file with updated version

Hi, looking to find out how to replace an already uploaded media file with an updated version of the file. There’s doesn’t seem to be a way to do this within the website, and uploading the new version of the file (using the same file name) into an email doesn’t seem to replace the old file.

Anyone know how to do this…?

There isn’t a specific way to replace with an updated version, you just delete the old and add the new.

Thanks… couldn’t find a way to deleted the file either, do you know where in TroopTrack I can do that.?

Sorry I made an assumption you were talking about Shared Documents, I missed the “into an email”. If you are composing an e-mail media files are now inline with the message content, to delete make sure the cursor is past the item and press backspace. If you are talking about something else please provide more specifics and I would be happy to try and assist.

Hi @AaronStorey , and possibly @Keener-Trooptrack ,

Can you confirm for me that updating a Shared Document by uploading a new version of the file and keeping the same file name won’t work with Shared Documents?

I would like to do that, and it seemed like it worked earlier today when I tried by making a small change to the test file, but now that I have spent time making lots of changes, TT keeps displaying the old (unchanged) file content when I download the file.


The reason I want to be able to do this is so I can put a document on Shared Documents, such as AHG’s blank Health forms, and be able to always keep it up to date with the latest version from AHG. Then I can just send a static link to parents that will always get them to the most up to date version.

If there is another way to send a static link for a file that I can easily update, please let me know. (The Intranet won’t work for this purpose for us.)


I just tested this and uploading a new file with the same filename does not overwrite the original file. I don’t see a way to accomplish what you are wanting from within TT. It appears as though their file upload system does not overwrite previous files with newly updated files to keep the same link, the name must change thus creating a new link. I have a feeling this has to do with an issue that was reported a while ago where people were e-mailing new versions of files and it was overwriting the original version.

@Keener-Trooptrack, Is there any work being done in this regard to have two different file upload solutions one for e-mail that does not overwrite a file and one for Documents where you can upload a new version with the same name and overwrites the original? It would seem with the current way of doing things you would be keeping a large number of old files that are most likely never accessed again. Do you have a storage policy to detect and remove old files that have not bee accessed in a certain period of time or some other trigger?

Hi y’all,

So if you click under “share”, click “actions” and “edit” and then upload the new document is it not changing the document in TroopTrack?

Am I understanding the issue correctly?


David Keener

Yes, that is correct. It does not update the file.

From my experience, the behavior of not updating the document has been consistent for years. In order to maintain the file name, I delete the shared doc entry and recreate with new file upload.

I also would like the file to be overwritten when a new version is uploaded with the same name.

What I am trying to do is provide pack parents a QR code, or even a stable URL, for Pack Committee meetings. But I can’t create the URL until I upload the document, which means I cannot put the QR code on the document itself - or even simply make modifications to the document. (Think meeting minutes URL where the agenda is there initially, and after the meeting the document has more content.)

It is very strange behavior that an Upload with the same (file) name does not actually overwrite the file. Can this be changed, please?

Also, it seems now I have a bunch of “dead” versions of the file I thought I was overwriting - how do I delete those?

Is there an expert interface, where I could POST or PUT the files directly to my URL of choice?