How to upload files to

How do you upload files to location? We have a ‘Cooking Ideas’ page with links to uploaded document not located in the troop documents , intranet or web page.

Here is an example of a link to our Fun with Dutch Ovens page:

I have searched all over but I do not see how we can add additional documents to the location. How do you do this?


Hi @RussellBorner,

The media.trooptrack link is when any document is uploaded to a text editor as an attachment. Like an email, you can’t edit, or upload anything to that link, because it’s only when those attachments are sent out via email. The only way to access those attachments is through that email link, and this is only generated when emails are sent out with attachments.

If you want to upload a document to the troop page there’s an easy way to do that. Go to “Share”< Troop Documents< Upload a Document if you want a space where people can view and see documents for the troop.

Sorry for the long wait time.

David Keener