How to upload TroopTrack to BSA Internet Advancement 2.0

Is there a way to upload the awards from TroopTrack directly to BSA Internet Advancement 2.0?

I have reviewed other articles that refer to TurboNet, but understand this is no longer available. Any suggestions are appreciated.



Check out this article with a video attached.

I do not see the option under the “Achieve” drop down menu. Do you know how to locate this option?

In that case I would have to assume you do not have permissions within your Groups TT account to perform that action. You will need to contact a TT admin from within your group to give you that access.

I have waited too long to update our pack via IA2.0 and now when I try to create the new report, it simply times out (504 gateway timeout). I can’t seem to get to a place where I can limit records (Scouts or awards). Any suggestions?


Is it Achieve - IA2.0 AR - Create a Report that times out?

If that is the case there is not good way to limit the records it is attempting to pull. I think this will need to be a TT support issue. @Tyler, @Keener-Trooptrack.

Yes @AaronStorey, that is the function that is timing out for me. I can see the previously created reports under Achieve - IA2.0 AR. When I click ‘create new report’ that’s when it times out. Understandably- our pack has not always used Internet Advancement and it’s been 10 months since the last report was created. Who knows how much data it is trying to pull.

Thanks for your input.

Hi @Pack564, and @AaronStorey,

There is currently a bug with the I.A 2.0 Advancements reports. Our tech team has been working on this trying to figure out why this is. I’ll update this thread when they figure it all out. There’s no time frame, but rest assured they’re on it.


David Keener

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