Respond to announcements like a message board

Our pack is transitioning to TroopTrack from the Band app. One feature that made Band good was the ability for parents to respond to announcements or ask questions in the app and all users could see them as opposed to sending a text or email to the poster. I´d like a similar feature in TroopTrack, a bit like a message board or user group where when something gets posted folks can respond.

It is in beta currently but check out Chatterboxes. If you are an admin select the gear icon next to your name in the site menu Edit Settings, TroopTrack Settings, General, Beta Feature: Use TT’s new chat feature… Then you can go into Communicate, Chatterboxes and create different ones for different groups or really whatever you want. It works in the app as well as browser and allows groups to chat with each other.

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I will check that out. Thanks Aaron.