I much prefer the old RSVP method for events

Having a global list of events to respond to was much easier for our community than having to reply through specific emails and/or browsing the calendar for events to which you might have been invited. Is it possible to opt into the old method?



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I think they are referring to the old Notifications page:


Yes, that is correct. Our organization found the old Notifications page to be a very efficient way to manage multiple event RSVP’s, especially for families where there are multiple invitations per family member. Without this we are finding that many individuals are not responding because it is just too difficult.

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Yes, we are having the same problem. Too many emails between invites & newsletters means people stop paying attention. A dashboard view of all events with the ability to reply to each from within that page view would be great.

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I fear my Pack is getting email fatigue. A single place to RSVP for all events would be nice.


Amen. Too many emails = Scout parenta ignoring all of them

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