Option To Be Notified of RSVPS

It would be great to have the option to be notified when someone RSVPs for an event. Maybe a little checkbox we can toggle if we choose to be alerted and sent an email.


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I can see that. We had this option on the troop site we’ve been using the past few years and I had 16 families and it worked out fine. It was an optional setting for those that wanted it. It was nice to not always have to log into the site to see if someone RSVPd. One issue that came up was someone RSVPd less people than they meant to (and it was after the council deadline so it couldn’t be changed) and thought I changed it because I had access to do that. I was able to show them the email I received right on the spot that showed they were the one to input the incorrect information.I can definitely see if it’s something that most users would not want, just thought I’d throw the idea out there.

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Actually the idea is great. I have used Signup Genius and Google Forms when planning different events. Both provide email notifications when someone has replied and I don’t find it “impractical” at all–what I DO find impractical is having to constantly sign in to a specific site (this one) to see if someone replied to an invite. Why not let an auto-notification system do its job? It is also why I like Google Photos and Shutterfly notifications when someone has posted new photos to an album.


I would like this feature too. I find it more annoying having to log in constantly to see the RSVP status.


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