Event planning - RSVP updates

It would be nice if the planner of an event would get emails (or have the option of getting emails) when people RSVP to the event. Especially when that person leaves a note. Rather than having to check and recheck multiple times to see if additional people are coming. Or if a person leaves a note with a question, it would be nice to get a notification so you could address things promptly.


The event organizer getting a notification when a note is added to an event would be extremely helpful.

I would like to point out again how helpful this would be! I find it a bit ironic that I have the choice to get live notifications when people reply to this post, but not to events I plan inside Trooptrack.
I would not necessarily want instant notifications, but a summary at the end of the day would be helpful. Some option of setting up notifications would be greatly appreciated. Another idea would be to have a "contact organizer’ button so that people looking at the event would know exactly who to contact for more information

There have been similar ideas to this I remember seeing in the past but there was actually opposition to the idea of an e-mail every time someone RSVPd from people in large units where that leader might then get hundreds of messages, I for one add most of the events to the calendar for two units and would get so many messages that it wouldn’t be helpful. If it were implemented as an option or a digest that would help. Given the limited resources of the TT staff any ideas need a great deal of support from the Community to let them know what is important.