Identification of Mailing list in message

It would be really nice if emails generated from TroopTrack identified which mailing list they were sent to. As Scoutmaster, I receive multiple messages daily and it would be helpful to know which I am just being copied on (ie my son’s patrol communications), which I should monitor (PLC, Adult Leadership) and which are targeted at me (addressed to me, Scoutmaster list, Summer Camp)

It would also help me monitor that people are using the lists correctly and not, for example, sending PLC communications to the entire troop.

It seems that it would be easy to append the mailing list name to the sender address (John Doe via Salamander Patrol)

or to the Subject (Salamander Patrol - Grub Master Survey)

Or simply at the beginning of the text (Sent to: Salamander Patrol)

Hi Andy,

Thank you for your suggestion! Before this is passed along to our developers, we’d like to see some community feedback :slight_smile:

Something that may help is by assigning a ‘Nickname’ to the address within your email program. This might help a bit!

ColemanD, the problem with the nickname idea is that the messages comes from the same address regardless of the originating mailing list:

User Name via


There is no marker to distinguish which list it was sent to. I can see who sent it but not if it was sent to all members, a specific mailing list, me individually, an event invitation list, or if I was auto-copied on my son’s communications.

With the success of implementation of mailing lists has come some confusion (and over communication fatigue as well)

Good suggestion. We are just starting to use TroopTrack more, so I can see this being handy to know who is being targeted in the message.

I wouldn’t mind also seeing some identifier for our Troop/org in the header (From or Subject) as well. Makes it easier for recipients to know the message is from the Troop.