Magic Mailing Lists

What Are They?

Magic mailing lists are mailing lists created automatically by TroopTrack for you that figure out the recipients of the list based on their position in the troop. TroopTrack comes with the following magic mailing lists:

Name Recipients Every adult who is a member of a household with scouts Every scout in your unit Every member of your unit with a leadership position Every member of your unit Every adult member of your unit Every member of the patrol

Note: You can rename these mailing lists to whatever you want, so please refer to your communicate badge for an exact list.

How To Get There

Just click on the Communicate badge.

Managing Senders

Even though recipients are managed automatically, senders are managed just like custom email distribution lists, so you will need to specify who is allowed to send to each list.

Is there a way to re-generate the list? Ours came across as very generic with,,

I’ve been trying to go through and follow the naming convention to convert them to such as leaders-<unique_troopID>


I’m not following the convention you are converting them to. Do you mean leaders-<troop #>

the brackets got lost, was trying for substitution < >

eg,,, etc.

Because our site wasn’t fully organized before I joined, I’m not sure how the lists were generated. What I did find were very generic,,, etc. Which I am assuming you would not want such generic list names.

I was following the documentation from

Which I think your table is missing in your original post above

For me it did not work until I renamed them one time.