Email sender - need names

Any email sent from within troop track has the sender listed as List Serve. Being able to quickly see the name of the sender would be helpful. I received a dozen emails from List server today… It’s not helpful.


Hi @BeverleyTetrick1

This sound like a great idea! However, before we can introduce this idea to our developers, we would like to see a little more support from the rest of the TroopTrack community. Have any other TroopTrack users you know add their support as a +1 or a comment about the idea and we will see what we can do.

Thanks for using the TroopTrack community!

I agree that the “From” header should better identify the sender of the email.

I made a similar request when we first signed up. They did make some changes along the line to improve what is displayed (at least to me).

When I get emails sent by someone through TroopTrack, I am seeing the friendly “From” header displayed as something like “Bob via TroopTrack”. The actual from smtp header does use" though. Part of this could be how your mail client is displaying the “from” field.

The “reply-to” smtp field does have the originator’s email address, but this will not normally show up until you reply to the email.

There could also be some other friendly tweaks to emails in general to better highlight the sender org. Ie, [Org Name] at the beginning of the subject line, etc.


This would be VERY helpful to show a familiar “From” sender, perhaps even a selected troop email account (From: Troop 7 …). Or even if it’s the actual sender (From: Greg Law via TroopTrack…" would be an improvement.

I just tried to start a discussion among the leadership of my troop, and they could not get a reply-to

Would be nice if the sent, or reply-to would show the email list the original email was sent to.

This would be very helpful as many people will not recognize the “list server” as someone, or a company/service they recognize, and they will often just overlook it and not read it.

Developers! Please consider taking this on.

Having the actual sender is very important. With all the spam messages that are received in the world we live the sender being identified would tremendously help. I have many parents in the troop ignore “list-server” because they believe it may be spam. It is hard enough to communicate and this makes it that much worse. I have had parents an scouts miss important deadlines because they ignore messages that are not identified by the sender.

What if we changed it to be something like “<sender’s name> via”?

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But the Reply-to should be the original To list, eg so when you hit reply, or reply-all, you can include the list for discussion.

Troop Track email:

from:	[troop-member] via <>
reply-to:	[troop-member-email-address]
to:	[troop-member-email-address]

versus googlegroups provides

from:	'[troop-member]' via [googlegroup troop name] <>
reply-to:	[googlegroup troop name] <>
to:	googlegroup troop name] <>

And googlegroup list managers have the following options for where replies are posted to:

  • To the entire group
  • To the author of the message only
  • To the owners of the group
  • To the managers of the group
  • Users decide where their replies are sent

I would be happy with reply-all including both the sender and the group/listserv, and reply to just the group/listserv, or the sender.

But for now, trooptrack listserv email does not provide a reply or reply-all option that includes the group/listserv address.

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I though that is the behavior now?

So it has been a year and our trooptrack is up for renewal. Has there been any progress made on fixing the mailing list so that the reply-to can be the original magic mailing list email address? I don’t think I am the only one asking for this.

Ok, I did see that email reply-to choice has been updated for a message posted online logged into troop track versus sending email directly to the magic mailing list from personal email. Although the reply-to was a encoded email address versus the intended magic email list. It’s a good start. Thank you for adding that.

Unfortunately, I see that the email reply-to still hasn’t been updated for other magic mailing lists. For example,

This is a crucial list to get email discussions flowing across instead of reply to sender.

The email header was:

reply-to: "sender-email"
to: "list-recipient"
date: Wed, Jun 28, 2017 at 10:38 PM
subject: Feedback from Popcorn Kickoff
security: Standard encryption (TLS) Learn more

Still no inclusion of the original email list in the from or to fields. No reply-to original email list. Unit collaboration and discussion is essential to a healthy unit.

Can this please get fixed?

Has there been any traction on this issue?

This is causing a problem with planning discussion and communication.

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I agree. It’s still a huge problem. We often don’t know who is sending
emails - or who was included in the distribution. It’s a basic function of
email - why is this so difficult to resolve?

It would appear that this might have been fixed the “wrong” way. The sender’s name is shown as “Sender First/Last Name via TroopTrack,” which is great! However, the sender’s email is also shown as the recipient email rather than the actual recipient email address. This is causing some confusion for the recipients, especially those who receive messages for multiple receiving email addresses into one software package (like Outlook). I’ve logged this as a bug under “Incorrect Email Header Info.”

This would be very helpful.