Import from Troopmaster web

Greetings, we just migrated from Troopmaster desktop to Troopmaster web. THEN I found out about TroopTrack. Is there a process to migrate from Troopmaster web to TroopTrack? The only option I see on the Troopmaster Web side is Export to SOAR. Will that get me there? Thanks!

If you can, it’s usually best to use TurboNET to import your data straight from BSA’s Internet Advancement web site.

We have a page in our user guide about importing BSA Troop data into TroopTrack from Troopmaster here. However, due to changes in BSA ranks and merit badges, Troopmaster doesn’t export those data files anymore (as far as we know–if that’s changed you can correct me). You can only import users from Troopmaster; not ranks or merit badges. That’s why it’s normally best to import BSA Troop data straight from your council using TurboNET, a tool we’ve built.