Import partial MBs into Scoutbook

I am able to import all completed Merit Badges from TroopTrack into IA 2.0 which populates all the data in the Scoutbook, However, the system does not capture partially completed Merit Badges. Is there a setting or a different procedure that I should be following?

No, Scoutbook does not accept imports directly that I could find. Only IA2.0 accepts imports for completed items.
I am curious why you would want the partials to be uploaded into SB when all of your unit users can look them up in TT?

Thanks for response, Aaron. Understand the Scoutbook does not accept the direct import. I am looking into exporting everything from TT, completed Merit Badges as well as partially completed. My Troop has decided to use Scoutbook exclusively and we have quite a number of partially completed MBs recorded in the TT. I am trying to avoid the grueling task of entering them into Scoutbook manually.

The issue is not TT, it is IA2.0 is not setup to import partials only completed items, and SB has no import options. You can get an export from TT in CSV format for most all data from Support, Spreadsheet Import/Export. If you can find a way or SB creates a way to import that then you will have it.

That is too bad the Troop has decided to move away from TT. I am curious what the deciding factors were for making the move? I looked at it when BSA made it available for free but I found it lacking so many features that we used all the time in TT that it wasn’t worth it. Just the ability to schedule a recurring meeting without some externally produced plugin was enough for me.

Absolutely nothing against TT. Great system and we’ve used it for years. The only factor is the cost - we are a very small Troop and simply trying to save the costs. We are still “playing” with the Scoutbook and exploring all of its features. Thank you for your feedback.

There is a way to import partials into Scoutbook. I had to do this after our last summer camp. You need to install a chrome extension to do it, which I found a bit odd, but it did work. There are step by step instructions here:

It is the section called “Merit Badge Import from Summer Camps” and technically it imports the file format from Black Pug software (which is what our summer camp happened to use).

You might have to do some reformatting of data in Excel to match the import format.

Thanks for the suggestion jp1.

I see this extension works to upload data from two sources (Tantaroo is what used by my council). What I am struggling with is getting partial MBs that are recorded in TroopTrack and import them into Scoutbook. So I need to figure out how to get the extract file from TT created.

You can get an export from TT in CSV format from Support, Spreadsheet Import/Export. Then you will need to format it manually to whatever SB is expecting from Tentaroo.