ScoutTrack Imports

Important Note:

We regret that we will no longer be able to do this type of import. Scout Track has changed their export formats and have made it very difficult for us to handle.

We can import your users if you User Importer for All Unit Types

Otherwise, our TurboNET importer: Import your data instantly with TurboNET

and Integration with AHG Connect: Import your data instantly from AHG Connect

Everything you have included in your advancement site or AHG Connect will be imported (including users).

We will gladly load your data from ScoutTrack for you. All you have to do is export it as a text file and attach it to a help desk ticket. Here are specific directions for generating the files we need:

ScoutTrack Instructions

Log in to your ScoutTrack account and click “Export Data”;. Then choose “All Data” and save the resulting file.

Open a help desk ticket and attach We can usually import them within a day or two.

What do We Import?

For BSA Troops, of the files that come from ScoutTrack, we can import Adult.csv, Scout.scv, Rank_Dates.csv, and Merit_Badges.csv.

For BSA Packs, of the files that come from ScoutTrack, we can import ExportAdultData.tsv, ExportScoutData.tsv, ScoutRankAdvancement.tsv, SportAcademics.tsv, and WebelosActivityBadges.tsv.

For AHG Troops, of the files that come from Scout Track, we can import ExportAdultData.tsv, ExportGirlData.tsv, FrontierBadges.tsv, and GirlLevelAdvancement.tsv.

Did my Scouttrack import get completed properly? My data shows badges that were complete and delivered, but not the specific requirements that were completed to earn the badge. Is this the correct result of the import?


Yes, this is correct. Scouttrack doesn’t export the specific requirements that were completed, so we just mark the badge complete without specifying which achievements were done.

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