Import Service Hours via Excel

It would be great if there was an option to import service hours from an excel spreadsheet. We have girls that get quite a few hours for non-Troop events. If we could give them a spreadsheet that could be imported directly into TT instead of having to enter them individually. I have in the past used on entry for all outside service hours, but I would like to be able have the details in TT.


I LOVE this idea! Imputing service hours for 50+ girls is a LOT! (Especially with a large number of Pioneers and Patriots!) If they could each turn in a spreadsheet, that got uploaded, that would be AMAZING.

Even better would be if we could use a google form to collect the hours, and then upload the whole troop in one fell swoop!

I agree with this! We spend hours creating spread sheets to turn in to our advancement chair only for her to spend hours entering the information into TT. Would be an awesome import feature for sure!