Import your data instantly with TurboNET

What happened to TurboNET? The entries for it in the pull-downs under advancement are gone. I was going to try to use it to pull the advancement updates that our leaders have uploaded from TroopMaster to Internet Advancement. (I can’t get them to move over to TroopTrack. Sigh.) For that matter, I was wondering if there was a way to “pre-flight” that import/merge, to make sure it doesn’t wipe out things.

You might check your privileges. There is a privilege specifically for using TurboNET.

I want to add a pre-flight feature eventually. I think that would be really helpful.

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If you use Turbonet to import data into an existing Troop Track account, and there are new entries in the TT account that haven ot yet been reported to the council, are those entries retained in troop track, or are they deleted since they do not have a corresponding Scoutnet entry yet?

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They won’t be deleted or changed at all @DavidKaehler. Good question!


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Is there any plan to only display the items that are changing or added instead of the hundreds of lines that are not changing? Seems like an easy fix and would be much better feedback.

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TroopTrack recently added a pre-check to TurboNet import where members in TroopTrack which lack a BSA ID no. would be identified. The issue I’ve run into is that in the case of my troop, the person maintaining TroopTrack (me) is not the person doing input to our Council. We don’t (not yet anyway) use TroopTrack for rank advancement or merit badges - TurboNet brings that down for us.

HOWEVER, TurboNet creates duplicates for those members of our troop which are new, and then populates those newly created (dupes) with merit badge info. It also creates households.

The person doing the BSA data entry for us does not always tell me when data has been entered, and will not share the BSA login info with me so that I can do the TurboNet import.

I believe TroopTrack does some name matching to attempt to reconcile new scouts out of TurboNet into already entered scouts, but based on my experience, this rarely actually occurs.

What this means to me as the maintainer of TroopTrack is duplicate scouts and households. Complicating it further, ASMs entering participation, camping nights, etc., may randomly pick the dupe scout, not the one hand entered (which is linked to parent info, vehicle info, etc.)

What I’d really like is a subset of the TurboNet import which I could teach my BSA maintainer to use, which did a shorter version of the TurboNet import, returning a REPORT of actions to be performed, specifically including the names and IDs of scouts and adults to be added.

A TurboNet import preview, essentially

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laughing out loud!!!

I finally got around to trying it, after downloading a lot of the troop data just in case something bad happened. It worked beautifully! Zero hassles. We had gone to the trouble to verify the scout ID numbers both on TroopMaster, which did the upload to Internet Advancement, and on TroopTrack.

When I use my Unit ID and Password at Scoutnet, I can get in and everything works. When I use the same credentials for TurboNet, It clocks on “Syncing…” and doesn’t progress. I have verified that I have the TurboNet privilege.

Can you provide any guidance?

Refresh your screen immediately when you get onto the turbonet page and then enter your credentials and do the import/report.

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When we started using TT I did an initial Sync to download scout data and we got a large number of duplicates that showed up and were all listed with the 2015 Requirements. We have been a bit apprehensive to run it again but have gotten a couple new transfers and it would be nice to run an import to pull in their recorded advancements rather than having to enter everything manually. Have you had reports of this happening? Can we be confident that as long as scouts have a BSA ID everything will download correctly? We have upgraded everyone to the 2016 Requirements what will that do for importing achievements from the old requirements?


As long as the correct BSA IDs are in the scout’s profiles, it will update their information instead of duplicating it. The system first looks for a BSA ID to match. If one does not exist, it tries the name. If the name does not match exactly down to the spaces, it will create a new record.

You may need to upgrade the requirements for any new scouts you import. We have not yet made it the default, but the request is in.

@dave This same thing happened for me. I had a scout that did not have their BSA ID entered and the import brought in another entry with the same name instead of updating the existing entry. How do I reconcile this? Are you able to merge the two?

Hi @justinlewis,

To overwrite an existing account, the best option is to use the BSA ID. Take it from the one that was imported and put it in the existing one. Delete the imported account and do the import again.

Thank you.

I have full admin rights in TT and confirmed TurboNet privileges are enabled.
However, I see none of the options from your screenshot “TurboNET eAdvancement Report” and “TurboNET Roster Import”.

Instead, I have “INTERNET ADVANCEMENT 2.0 REPORTS” but cannot figure out how to upload the report to BSA…
It’s supposed to be done from the “TurboNET Advancement Report” but can’t find that either:

Can you please help?

This is old information based on BSA’s Internet Advancement 1.0. Check out these articles to get info on the new options. If you are trying to upload advancements to BSA then its the first article, and you need access to for your Unit.
Internet Advancement 2.0 Integration Preview
9/20/19 Product Update

Thanks for the quick reply.

Now that makes much more sense.

I thought it was all automated but looks like we’re back to manual mode for now.

Yea, the way TT was able to deal with IA 1.0 was much cleaner from an end user perspective, unfortunately now with IA 2.0 the BSA added some security that doesn’t allow TT to work the same way. BSA’s implementation does require us to download the Text file and then manually upload it. Perhaps in the future but we shall see.

Hello Everyone,

Turbonet was a feature that TroopTrack built to interact and sync with IA1.0. Turbonet as it was known previously is no longer offered. With the launch of the BSA’s IA2.0 this feature has now stopped working as the BSA restricted TroopTrack’s access. TroopTrack now interacts with IA2.0 in a different way through a upload/download (import/export) system of syncing between TroopTrack and Scoutbook.

Here is how syncing between TT and scoutbook / IA 2.0 currently works.

Syncing from TroopTrack to Scoutbook:

When you are tracking achievements or managing members within TroopTrack, you can sync that work by downloading that data from TT and uploading it into Scoutbook. We have created a video explaining this process here: Internet Advancement 2.0 Integration Preview

Syncing from Scoutbook to TroopTrack:

There are three types of exports you can get export from, from your Unit page toward the bottom there is Export/Backup. The exports you can receive from scoutbook are:

  1. Scouts Roster - would get your scouts member information
  2. Scout Advancement - self explanatory
  3. Leaders & Parents Roster - for their member information

Once you have any of these files you can submit an import request through the help desk on TT and our support team will upload the scoutbook exports into your troop on TT. To do this you click on Support > Spreadsheet Import/Export and choose the type of import it is.

Hope all of that above makes sense. Let me know if you have any other questions about syncing with Scoutbook.