Lots of bug fixes! (01/22/2016)

This evening we released a number of bug fixes:

1) Sea Scout Ships will now be able to see BSA ranks and merit badges imported via TurboNET

2) TurboNET will now import Sea Scout Ranks

3) Scouts imported via TurboNET will import to the 2015 ranks rather than the 2016 ranks. You will need to upgrade ranks after importing.

4) Member of Ships will still be able to work on BSA ranks and merit badges if they want to - just click the "Still Scouting" button on the user profile.

5) The "quick switcher" on user profiles was intended to let you stay on the achievement tab of profiles, but change to other members, but it wasn't. This is fixed.

6) The AHG Connect importer was assigning the wrong level to girls. This has been fixed.

7) The AHG Connect importer was including inactive users. This has been fixed.

Not bug fixes, but we also launched support for Exploring Posts as a BETA program and we officially ended the Sea Scouts BETA program. It is now a live program.

Have a great weekend!


~ Dave