Improvements to Signup Sheets Part 2

Opening a fresh topic since the original was closed (linked below)

I don’t understand the need to hide the the current assignments from people that are signing up. Often people like to sign-up for similar assignments with their friends, and there’s no way of knowing that by just looking.

Presently, we have a small set of people assigned to manage our sign-up sheets, and they are the only ones who can see the assignments.

Additionally, not all event chairs have rights to manage sign-up sheets, and so cannot see the sign-ups that are related to their events.

Please prioritize #3, #5 and #8 from the original thread by @cpdyer

Additionally, for the list of Assignments in #3, it sorting/filtering either by Volunteer or Assignment columns would help for the large sign-up sheets so an organizer can see just exactly who is doing what, especially when people sign-up for multiple items. As it stands, this is an eye-crossing experience that requires hand-exporting to Excel or something similar for more manipulation.

ALSO - Please allow us to set a person as the administrator of a particular sign-up sheet, and give that person (and site administrators of course) the ability to “volunteer” other users. Often we are at a face-to-face meeting, and people are volunteering on the spot, but neglect to go to the form. We can’t force people to go there, but it is a very useful tool to be able for the sign-up administrator to track who is doing what. We need the ability to volunteer people on their behalf.

For those of you that agree, or have interest in reading about the original Idea, please :heart: this post and the linked post at the discussion from Improvements to Signup Sheets:

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Yes!! Fully support the need for these enhancements, especially the ability to volunteer people on their behalf.


Definitly need many of these improvements to sign up sheets but especially Admin access.

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Especially this:


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