Improvements to Signup Sheets

Some ideas for updating Signup sheets:

  • No. 1: When displaying the task for a Sign Up Sheet item, such as in an email or in the notifications screen, it would be helpful to also have the description of the item displayed. The way it is now, we would need to include the description in each task so when a notification goes out, they would be able to tell what the task applies to. Right now they would just get the time and not the event name, date, etc.
  • No. 2: It would be nice to have standard information about an event to have their own entry fields, such as Location, Date, and even attachment capability. This way these items can be displayed when showing the task assignments in areas such as email notifications and the Notification screen.
  • No. 3: It would be nice to have the ability for any user to see who has signed up for an event in the All Assignments area instead of just themself. There could be a yes/no box in the Edit Sign Up Sheet screen to “display all assignments to users”. Some people like to see where other people have (or haven’t) signed up. This could even encourage others to sign up for events when they see their friends in there.
  • No. 4: For a task, it would be nice to have an available restriction in the Edit screen so the position could only be filled by a youth, an adult, or either.
  • No. 5: For a task, it would be nice to have an optional text screen that a volunteer could fill out. This could work with something like a potluck, where people could identify what they want to bring. You could have it configurable, so it would only display if you needed it.
  • No. 6: For tasks, it would be nice if the Volunteer button would allow for Visitor sign up (or anyone who doesn’t have an account). This could utilize the text field (see No. 5) to enter a name. “Allow Visitors” could be a configurable setting in either the tasks or the event. It could also allow for multiple visitors for a task.
  • No. 7: I’m not sure what happens to an event when the due date passes, but it would be nice to be able to output the event, like the Money accounts do (.pdf/.csv), so we could get a copy of what happened to archive it, then delete it. That way we don’t have a long list of items after a while.
  • No. 8: It would be nice to have a button in the edit screen of the event to send notifications, or send invites like a Calendar Event. Right now it is sending notifications when you save the page. I think it would be better to be able to set up the event, including adding people, then be able to send the notifications when I’m done tweaking it. I may also want to send out a second notification later.

I support several of these improvements, especially item #1. If this were implemented, I would also propose a change to the way signup sheets are presented to the end user. As it stands, they get two “assignments”: one for the general notification (header) and a second for the actual item the user signed up to bring/do. It would be nice to only show one item, like “Refreshments for Court of Honor: Drinks”.

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