In the Equipment section possible addition Capabilities

In order to help manage the Check Out & Check IN of gear such tents I have 2 suggestions:

1.) the tool should log both the Check Out assignment ( persons name & date) and the Check In process should also log Who checked it in and allow notes to be added IE: tent fly damaged needs replace, missing pole etc… This would then allow the Scout & Adult QTR masters to manage gear to insure it is always in Ready-to-Go condition along with tracking items usage

2.) What would really help in being efficient is to have a feature where you could scan a bar code of an item such as a tent and add a name of who is checking it IN or OUT. Since most Scouts have a cell phone this would help get around using paper notes that always seam to get lost or damaged to the point where its not readable.


B. Kornerup
ASM / Adult QTR. Master