In the Troop Track Emails it would help to know the group that received the email

It would be helpful as a recipient if in the emails that go out through TroopTrack if there was some way to know the distribution list used to send the email. There are times when I can’t tell which group received the email, was it the leaders, or parents, or scouts and parents? If it was sent to a single email list could the list name be added to the email body?


Hi @DavidFichou,

Thanks for the idea, let’s see what the community has to say.

We have had requests in our troop for this as well. It would be very helpful. Thank you!


Similar to my previous request: Please add the original To: information to Recent Messages

Yes, we need this. We need to see who the email went to so that we do not constantly duplicate emails or forget and leave someone out of an ongoing conversation.

Yes, seeing the mailing lists names and any individual names added as email recipients would be a great feature.

Any progress on this? It is particularly challenging for me because I am on both a Pack and Troop email list. So I can’t always tell if this is a Pack notification or a Troop notification.