Incomplete Achievements Book showing incorrect data

Hi there


After a recent event, I used the “Record Awards Progress for Attendees” on the events page to record the requirements that we did (#2,4,5,8,9 of the Meteorology Explorer badge).

Today, I happened to look at the Incomplete Achievements Book for that badge and was surprised to see some (but not all the girls) did NOT have #5 marked as completed. And instead they had number #7 marked as complete. FOUR of the girls have #5 marked; EIGHT of them have #7 marked.


So then I went in to the first incorrect girl’s profile to fix the reqs, then it was correct there. Same for the next girl that was shown as incorrect on the Incomplete Achivements Book.

Next I looked at the Progress Report for the Unit and there too the requirements showed correctly.

But when I look at the Incomplete Achivements Book page again, it’s still showing up incorrect. Not sure what’s up there but seems like a bug to me!