Badge Book Advanced Search glitch?

Hi @Keener-Trooptrack ,

I want to use the Badge Book to see the progress (complete and incomplete) of girls who are working on their AHG Joining Awards.

I want to pull from all the girls in the troop, not just one level. The only filter I want to use is the Advanced Search.

Achieve > Badge Book > Advanced (note: the Completed On checkbox is selected by default)
Enter “joining” in the Search Awards field
Enter the date range (5/14/2021 - 5/12/2022)
UNcheck the Completed On box (so that I can see incomplete progress, too)

I get no results returned.

When I click back on the Advanced button, the Completed On checkbox is checked even though I unchecked it.

I marked one JA requirement completed for 1 girl as a test (#817760). I expect to see her listed in my search but she does not come up.

It looks like the Completed On checkbox is stuck in the “on” position.

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong, or if there is another way I can get this information to display.

Thank you!

Hi @mwestcott1,

I’m not able to recreate your error. The reason that girl doesn’t show up when you filter by that date range is because she is marked as having that requirement completed August 23, 2021.

When filtering to the date range it’s showing me people who have it completed on your Troop. It’s not showing that specific girl because she didn’t complete that requirement in that date range.


David Keener

Thanks for your response!

I am a little confused. When I submit that query, this what is returned:

Are you getting results when you run that search?


Hi @mwestcott1,

I believed I was but this may have been on our test Troop.

Overall the advanced search is going to search for “completed on” or “awarded on” by date. This is because on the badge book those are the columns in the badge book. The advanced search can’t search by the date of an individual requirement, since that’s not a column on the badge book.

If you want to see incomplete level awards, then it’s best to filter by “level award” and “incompleted”.

Then filter by “not awarded” to see just girls who haven’t had it awarded.

To narrow it down, you could then type in “joining” in the “advanced” search.

This is what I get when I use those parameters.

I hope that makes sense. The “advanced search” can’t search by the individual requirement date because it’s not a column, so if a date is put in then it has to search either by “completed on” or “awarded on”.


David Keener

The difference between the two searches is that Mimi is using the Advanced date fields while David is not. I agree with @mwestcott1 that there appears to be an issue when filtering the data using dates but the “Completed On” checkbox does not seem to be the culprit.

Mimi, if you Reset and then do an Advanced search with keyword “Joining” (capitalization does not matter) and unchecked Completed On, it will bring up all girls. Using the drop down Completed? > Incomplete will further down select to the three girls. Once the unit LACs “start achievement” for them, I expect the other new girls will be listed too.

I had a thought…
Do the dates on the Advanced window only apply to completions (with the Completed On checkbox) or awarded items (with the Awarded On checkbox)?

I tried another search just now only using the dates range from 2021-06-11 until today and neither checkbox set. I expected to see a list of badges per girl with progress (complete or not) since mid-June. Instead only the completed badges within the range are displayed. When I returned to the Advanced window (without Reset), I found the Completed On box to be auto-checked… it seems indicating which field TTrack used to apply the date range search.