Incomplete Badge book

Recently went to pull from the Incomplete Badge book… When I did it’s showing records from the archived users. Anyone else having this problem?
Any ideas on how to fix this?

Our troop is also seeing the Deactivated Members in the Incomplete Badge book table. It is adding a lot of clutter, making the status for Active Members difficult to view.

TTrack seems to be using the boolean Youth field to populate the boolean Registered Member field. I think in the recent past, it looked for a current Registered Youth record under the Leadership tab.

In addition, TTrack is auto-populating the level and unit based on age. I tried clearing the field with the empty menu option but it is not stored.

As a temporary stop gap, I can toggle the Youth checkbox to off. Since the person displays as an adult (regardless of age), the entry is no long displayed with the Incomplete Achievement Book query. I would prefer not to muck with all of the deactived girl records that way.

I may have a better work around…

  1. (Re)active the youth’s record.
  2. Edit Registration Info so the Unit is the empty menu option.
  3. Deactive the record (again).

On the Deactived Members page, the record will now show Youth Name (age) instead of Youth Name (Unit - age). The entry is no longer in the Incomplete Achievement Book query results table.

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