Incomplete Achievement Book

When I go to the Incomplete Achievement Book, I see youth listed who have left our troop. Their accounts have been deactivated but they are still showing up on the list with the current girls. They are not showing up in any other place. Any ideas on how to keep them out of the Incomplete Achievement book?



Hi @SumaPenrose,

I was able to recreate that issue and am getting it over to the tech team.

Once the issue is resolved, then we’ll reach out here and update this thread.


David Keener

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This is happening in our troop account, too. I’m looking forward to the resolution. Thanks!

Deactivated users in our incomplete achievement book as well. NC0244

We are still having these issues as well. TN2011.

potential work around: Incomplete Badge book

This is still happening…

Does the work around help you?

@Keener-Trooptrack Any progress on this bug? The work arounds are great but it will take a lot of effort from our troop.

Unfortunately, Keener has left TT. This issue has not been resolved.