Self entry of achievements

If we allow Scouts to do self entry of achievements, is there an approval process for it? Or is it considered done?

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Right now it’s considered done. If you give them that privilege, they have it. We have a pretty big feature planned out that we are discussing that will enable a setting that creates a 2-step process though. Users will be able to mark off achievements, but they won’t show up on any of the lists or anything until a leader has approved them.


I like the idea of a 2-step process! That would even help at the Cub Scout level where we could give parents the ability to input requirements completed at home and have the den leader approve it.

For Boy Scouts, please make sure that the ability is created to have an older scout approve achievements. In many troops a patrol leader or the senior patrol leader signs off on achievements, so that functionality should be replicated in the system. If it’s limited to just adults it would likely lead to many troops not using it.


Looking forward to that! Thanks.

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Would this update apply to all scouts using Troop Track?

The 2-step verification? It will be made available to all users of TroopTrack, but it will be a setting you can turn off or on.

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