Achieve for Adventurers

I need to record a boy who just moved up to Adventurers. The award is a Navigator award, but he earned in on 5/27.

Is there a way to open this back up? For awards coordinators, this is a tough cut off.


Hi @ChuckShivery1,

If I’m understanding you correctly you want to add an award for a boy who earned it on 5/27?

You should be able to add an award at anytime no matter the scout’s level/rank.

I can help you out with that. First go to the scout’s profile by clicking on his name. Then go to the Advancements tab on his profile. Hit “start achievement” on the nav bar and then pick the award/achievement from the award list that pops up. Then you can hit save. That award will now be placed in their Advancemnts tab on that scout’s profile. If you go to that achievement you can then edit it and change the date of when they got it and the level at which they earned it.

Let me know if I answered your question. Happy to help with anything further.

David Keener