INFO NEEDED: Not clear how to check out

I am so grateful for the cart feature! When testing from my phone with a rather large screen I could not figure out how to check out until I watched the video. The checkout buttons are mostly obscured by the scroll. I do not expect to have to scroll in a responsive environment. Can the buttons be made more visible?

Thanks @pack244. That’s a good catch. We’re on it.

The fix will go live tonight.

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This problem is still not fixed. Thanks.

Troop 1000

Hi @WhitTantleff1. On mobile the shopping cart is in the menu, like this:

Is it missing for you or are you having some other problem checking out?


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Oh wait. I see. The checkout button on the event is still off the screen. Fixing it now.

It is the same problem that I was commenting on. You need to swipe to the left or turn your phone to the landscape position to see the final payment option. Thanks.


Right. Thanks @WhitTantleff1 - I thought I had fixed that, but I only fixed part of it. The next fix is going live in a few minutes.

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