Shopping Cart not allowing for check out

Items can be added to shopping cart, but there is no way to finalize the check out. No pay button appears, just a list of the items in the shopping cart with the subtotal.

We are having the same issue with TT. It looks like the issue started 3/1/23. Members who paid for an upcoming event on 2/28 had not issue, but now the button to link to PayPal at checkout is not working.

Still can’t have anyone pay for an event via troop track.

Are you using PayPal as a payment processor? It seems there is an issue with PayPal currently. I have reached out to TT staff to find out the status of the issue. I will update once I hear back.

We have the same issue in our troops, we have had a few parents reply over the weekend as they are currently unable to pay for an upcoming event.

We’re having same issue. This is a big deal - scouts are trying to register and pay for summer camp and there are deadlines approaching.

We are also experiencing this issue. We use Paypal. I tried turning off online payments and turning them back on again at first, thinking it was just us. Knowing it is a sitewide issue is more frustrating because this needs an urgent patch, and it has been over a week.

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Any update or response? This is a critical issue. Thanks.

Paypal is still not working. Trying to check out, no option to proceed past Pay from Money Account.

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Our emails are working (thank you) but still not able to check out items from our shopping carts for upcoming events

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Hi Aaron - just tried a few minutes ago and PayPal is still not working. Tried to add to my money account and the window pops up but no button to complete the payment.

I just tried to checkout and make a payment via PayPal. Still no option to proceed with PayPal at checkout, just a message that “You have no eligible money accounts to use to pay for this purchase.”
Aaron- Please reach out to the TT administrators again. This is now a critical issue for us as we need to collect summer camp payments to make a second troop payment to the camp. We will revert to checks if TT can’t resolve the issue, but a big part of why we pay the TT subscription is for the PayPal payment functionality.


I have reached out to the TT Admins regarding this issue.

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Any updates on this issue?

I did hear back from the TT admins they would look into this. Nothing about resolution yet but they are looking at it.

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Thank you sir! Looks good now.