Where did shopping carts go?

I am having trouble finding the shopping carts in the Appl app and in my desktop now. Has something changed?

Hi @jteague,

From what I understand you’re having trouble finding the Shopping List?
I’m definitely able to help. So in the app if you hit the Menu button, it’s a rectangle with 3 horizontal lines, that’ll take you to the menu. After that just hit Achieve, and you’ll see Shopping List is about the 8th one down.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

No we checkout with PAYPAL for events and the cart to checkout with is not visible anymore?

OK I figured it out the shopping carts only appear when there is something created to do so with. It can be confusing for the new parents and myself it looks like too.

Hi Jeff,

What is confusing? Let me know and I can hopefully explain and help out or get something built and changed so there is no more confusion.


I don’t know that its terrible. I knew there was a shopping cart and I expected it to always be visible whether or not there is something in it. We setup and event where the scout had a charge and the adult didn’t. Because there wasn’t something for the adult to process it said it was added to the cart. Because there wasn’t a fee the cart didn’t show up for them. They were used to processing through paypal as there is typically an adult fee with the shopping cart.

It’s just the experience the first time not having a fee for one and having one for the other. If that explains the confusion.