Integrating RSVP and Permissions Slips

Is there a way to integrate the RSVP’ing and the permission slip process? For example, you could display a permission slip on the RSVP screen and make it so users can e-sign (like a Docusign form) the permission slip for the event. This would require integration with services like DocuSign or Adobe Sign…not sure how feasible this would be but wanted to start the discussion.


This is a great idea. For our troop, the tricky part would be the audience. Scouts RSVP to events, but we need a parent to sign/e-sign a permission slip.

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Would love to see this. It could be toggled so that only adults see it when they RSVP to an event.

I don’t think it would need to be integrated with DocuSign/Adobe. I think a simple form could be developed with the boilerplate language, and fields that pull in the variables with the data for the trip/adult info/scout names and then provide a field for the adult to sign electronically.

You would then need some additional functionality with this.

  1. A way for trip leaders to see who has/does not have a signed permission slip.
  2. A reminder email that goes out to participants before/day of event to remind them to sign it electronically.
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Love to see this! Or if we do permission slips manually, like we do now, a column in the Payment Report for an event that we can add or checkoff that we have a permission slip.