Is it possible to choose which fields are visible on the Attendance form?

Since many of the fields on the Attendance form are not applicable to most meetings/events, it would be helpful if the visible fields could be configured. Is this possible today? If not, maybe there are other users that could use this feature too?



Currently this is not a feature. As you said, let’s hear from other’s in the community who think this feature might be helpful, too.

Thank you!

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I would like to have more granularity on the attendance sheets. Good idea.

Paid, rank, age, RSVP status, leadership position, medical form ( a blank field or checkbox), premission slip ( a blank field or checkbox. Parent contact information (phone, email).

Or any other attribute needed for a roster on an event or planning for an event.


As further input on this topic, it would be great to have a field on the attendance forms (especially the printed forms) to include names of anyone NOT permitted to pickup the child.