Record Attendance/RSVP, Permission slips, payment

Would it be possible to add “Permission Slip Received” and “Paid” checkbox columns to the Record Attendance/RSVP form and available on the “Print” view? It would make it much easier for us to track and keep everything in one place.

I know we can use Checklists, but that requires additional effort and manually entering in each person that has RSVP’d or manually comparing the list of RSVPs to the list of permission slips. And I also see that the Print view does show the Fee and Payments, but we don’t use use the accounts right now, so it doesn’t help. It would be easier on us to have a check box on the Record Attendance/RSVP form instead.


Hi Jennifer,

This is a great suggestion. I think many TT members are using the checklists, but there is a bit of more time involved. I will shoot this over to our technical staff and get their thoughts on how we could implement something like this.



This is a great idea!

Agree this is a very good idea — today I manually relabel a couple columns on a printed attendance report so I can track permission slips and payments at check in time for an event.

They do not have a like strong enough. Great idea. Even allow users to create custom columns and add new columns to items would be great.