Is it possible to have event reminders go to parents of those invited?

I have many scouts who do not have their own email addresses.

And others who do, but who do not communicate well with their parents. :unamused:

I would like the ability to have the parents of all my scouts sent the invitation email along with the scouts themselves.

The only workaround I can think of today, would be to add the parents into the patrol who has an activity, which then as ‘members’ of the patrol, they would be invited. However, what about parents who have a kid each in 2 different patrols? And also this clutters up the RSVP page, etc. with people I know aren’t going to attend.

Any ideas?

There is an option to copy parents on all scout emails. It’s under Manage > Settings > Edit Unit Settings > Troop Track Settings

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Thanks! That’s exactly what I needed!!

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You’re more than welcome!