Easy way to have parents show up on RSVP list?

When I create a calendar entry and mark the patrols the event is for, only those listed in the patrols show up on the RSVP list. Is there a way to have all of the parents listed also without having to mark each parent?

The old version of Troop Track used the email lists we created.

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Something similar was asked recently and it would be great if it could be added back in to have Inbox groups show up as available groups to invite to events. @Tyler is this on the Dev Team ToDo list?

Hi @MaryPadgett and @AaronStorey,

Custom mailing lists were not compatible with the new dynamic member invites. Originally it was a big lift to get those working. So our tech team decided to just get out the dynamic member invites without the custom mailing lists working.

Now, today, I just put it back on the tech team’s todo list. It is something that they will be working on in the near future. I will keep this thread updated with any new progress.


How is this feature coming. I have the same issue this week. Invited a Patrol, but Parents didn’t get an invite…the only option I have is to individually invite them or send to “All Parents” (which isn’t an options).

Let me know…thanks

We have been making it work by marking All Adults along with marking the patrol. We add a note to every calendar event explaining the issue and letting parents know they will receive calendar reminders for activities their son isn’t part of. We also make it clear in the title and the description which patrol the event is for so parents can know if it’s for their son.

Hi @BradleyDownen,

You can insure that parents get invites when a youth is sent invites by clicking on the gear icon, “edit Troop settings”, clicking on “TroopTrack settings” and then enabling the feature of “copy parents on all scout emails”. This will make it so that whenever a youth gets an email (even an event invite) then the parents will too.


David Keener