How do I get started given the terrible user experience of this site?

The user community is fine for experienced users, but incredibly frustrating for new users. How do i get help for setting up our bank accounts, financials, etc? Where is the User Guide? Can i print it out? Why doesn’t anyone return service calls? Not a surprise you have issues with incivility - your user experience could really be improved.

Is this what you are looking for?


Sort of. A user topic board is a very challenging way to explain how to get started on this site. Part of the problem is also that we are BPSA, not BSA so there is no integration with any other systems for membership or finances.

It’s a lot to ask a humble troop leader. Thanks for trying to help.

We’ve been using Troop Track for 5 years for our AHG troop and 3 years for our Trail Life troop. I find the TT staff to be very helpful, although I typically contact them electronically instead of by phone. Getting set up and started is the hardest part of using any new software platform, that is not unique to TT. For our Trail Life troop, we found great support among each other in our TL leaders facebook group. We were able to answer questions for each other more often than not, or point to a specific place in the user’s guide that we might have overlooked. That said, we found most of what we needed for start up in the User’s Guide, and new video tutorials have been added since we started using them.

I’m a new treasurer for my Pack this year. I’ve spent two hours now trying to figure out what the concept is behind the accounting in this program with very little success. I’m an accountant in my day job and work with a number of accounting programs.
I’m incredibly frustrated that there is no central resource to provide direction on how this system is intended to operate. This forum has a number of questions that remain unanswered that may have provided an answer.
Am I to believe that the many scout organizations using this platform must rely solely on institutional knowledge within their pack or that which is addressed in this forum?
Please forgive my tone. I just feel like I’ve wasted a ton of time here searching for answers to very reasonable questions and found none.