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Is there a printable User Guide now? I know we could print sections prior to the community going up. I need a way to get user info to my parents and leaders, but providing them links to the community page is not the best route to take with training.

The user guide is here in the community now. You should be able to print it.

I’m going to need more direction on printing please. I don’t want to print all of the Q&A, bug reports, questions,etc. I don’t see a print option or an actual document to print - Only screen shots embedded in the forum.

Can we get clean documents?

Hmm… I thought there would be an easier print option, but I just checked the Discourse forum and they say they haven’t found a good reason to add a print option. You could hit control (or command) + p to print, but that doesn’t look very good.

Your best option may be to just email out the link to the user guide or specific pages you’d like to share.

Well, as I said, sharing a link is not an effective method for training parents and leaders to use the application. Forums are complicated and overwhelming for many folks, not to mention time-intensive to find the desired topic and read all of the associated posts. Parents don’t care what bugs are reported, how to manage checklists, or why something doesn’t import correctly. Why should we expect them to read all of that. For those that are tech-adverse, it’s a 100% guaranteed show stopper in getting them to use the application at all, which in turn, is a major hindrance to efficient Pack Management. I have never dealt with a software product that doesn’t make a user guide easily accessible for the end user, especially for an application that is as multifaceted as TT. I’m a seasoned IT Software Analyst and certified Project Management Professional so I speak from many years of experience. I very much dislike “recreating the wheel” because your user guide is not in a usable [for everyone] format.

So…rant over…

Please reconsider adding a print option.

P.S. Contrary to above outburst, I do cherish you guys and girls and am VERY grateful for TT, flaws and all. It is a far superior product than the other options and I appreciate the effort taken to make it even better.

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Yeah, sorry about my misunderstanding. This forum is actually someone else’s product that we pay to use so they would have to add it. I’ll make a request to see if we can add some print links to the old ones. We put the user guide here because we want people to use the community. It allows us to keep things organized and get back to people faster. When we used the helpdesk as our main service center we would get the same questions again and again and again. Now we can share the answer with everyone at once. :grin:

I understand the need for the forum. Thanks.

A PDF of the user guide should be standard fare. I am in the evaluation mode for this software but do not want to click on each link just to look at how to do something. Please provide a PDF to download. Thanks.

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I am in the process of checking out this software for use in our troop. A printable or PDF user guide is a must. All these community conversations detract from learning how to use the program. How do you figure out how to use this thing if there is no document walking you through the process? Gary Cardinale

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Hi @phil413boy,

We’ve found that a couple clicks to the point of a questions is far more effective than scrolling through a PDF. TroopTrack is a great, feature-rich program that is constantly evolving. Creating a single PDF that people could download would be counterproductive because we would need to change it each month to keep up with new features and updates.

Most of TroopTrack is self explanatory with just some clicking around. The User Guide shows us how to use the bigger features with just a couple clicks. The community beyond that is to go even further into questions, feature requests, and bug reports.


Actually for me a PDF that is well organized is a lot easier than clicking between multiple sections of a forum. Most of the instructions I have looked at do not have the same screenshots as I would see which means they probably have not been updated. The financial aspect of setting this program up is not self explanatory. For example I cannot find anywhere in the documentation where you link to a troop bank account for deposits and/or check writing. Right now I use Quicken to do the finances for our troop including tagging transactions to specific scouts and I do my balancing from our BofA checking account. The forum does not explain how to do any of that. How would I link deposits and checks from our bank account to this software? Conceptually there is nothing that I have found in the documentation to explain that. I would like to have members of the troop be able to pay bills with their credit card and have it deposited in our checking account but I cannot see where I set up that account link. Perhaps you can point me somewhere that explains those features. Gary Cardinale

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For admins, the forum is great! For parents, that just need the basics, it is very much Not Great. We need a document that shows how to RSVP, deposit funds, and generally manage households and profiles, use email and perform functions that parents typically do. These functions don’t change enough to merit a monthly update, like the more advanced stuff that you guys and girls so kindly keep improving.


I like the idea of a specific guide for adults.

We have one that is user created (thank you @SRUEDU) and if you’d like you can create one that we can make a permanent part of the User Guide with a direct link for parents.

I can make one too, but that will take some time because I have to tend to my other duties first.


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I have a userguide for parents and Boy Scouts. Can I email it to you?

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