Achievement shows wrong rank

Can anyone tell me where the rank comes from on the Achievements tab under a Cub Scouts Profile? On the profile tab, his level is “Bear” under Registration Info. I move to the Achievements Tab and his rank is showing as “Webelos” so all the Webelos requirements are showing with 0% completion. No Bear requirements are showing. So far, he is only Scout in this situation. How do I reflect his proper rank on the achievements tab?

You will need to select Start Achievement and select Bear Badge (2019+), you could also remove the Webelos badge, but may have to manually add that back later when the scout is promoted to Webelos, normally this gets added automatically when scouts are entered into TT or when they are Promoted from one Den to another, there must have been some issue or someone accidentally changed something or placed them in Webelos initially then changed to Bear for the Level for this one scout, whatever the cause was this is easily fixed with the Start Achievement option.

I could not find a “start achievement” option. I looked under the Achieve option on my dashboard. I then opened his user account, clicked on the achievement tab and his level was shown as Webelos with all the adventures listed. I scrolled through and never found it there either. I ended up deleting his account and setting him up again. When I did, he set up properly as a Bear. Thanks anyway.

Sorry the Start Achievement is within the Scouts Profile when you are on the Achievements tab, perhaps there was just something wrong with that Scouts account. Do you see Start Achievement now when on the Scouts Profile and Achievements tab?

I do! Thank you! There had to be something wrong with his account.