Reconcile Transacations from Money Book

It would be helpful to reconcile transactions from the Money Book.

I am playing around with reconciling, and I can only mark a transaction reconciled when I am in a specific account. In addition, it only reconciles the transaction for that account. To reconcile the other end of the transaction, I have to go into that account to reconcile.

For example, I do a bulk transaction for monthly dues.

To reconcile, I have to go into my troop primary account and mark reconcile for each transaction. I then have to go into each scout account individually, find that transaction, and mark it as reconciled. This could be very time consuming.

If I could do it from Money Book, I see both sides of the transaction listed together. It would be much easier and faster to reconcile this way.




I agree with your assessment. Another way to approach the problem might be automatically reconciling both sides of the transaction if one side is marked reconciled. This may only apply to reconciling a transaction where a transfer of funds occurs between two accounts - such as when an event is paid for from a scout account. It would also be a huge time saver if we could just select a list of transactions (i.e. a check box next to each transaction) and then click reconcile one time for the whole list - bulk reconcile. Maybe that would be an option in money book or in the individual money account views at the top of the page and would provide a list to select from - with filters too.

That concept could also apply to more than just reconciliation. For example, if I need to change the category on a transfer type transaction, it would be great if I had the ability to change it on the debit and credit side with an update on either side of the transfer. And as previously mentioned, the ability to do a bulk change would be another big time saver.



Good morning Patrick.

I love the ideas in your post the ability to reconcile/edit multiple transactions would be a huge benefit.



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Has there been any improvement on this. It is a complete waste of time having to reconcile all of these transactions individually. If I do a bulk transaction for 50 kids, that means I have to go into every one of the 50 accounts individually to reconcile them. And then go back to the other account and do each one there. And it isn’t much easier because you can only click on one to reconcile and then wait for the page to reload. And then you have to scroll to get to the bottom ones each time.


I am also looking for help on reconciling my money book. Is there a screen that will list all of unreconciled transactions? If so, how do I get there? Can I mark transactions as reconciled from that screen?

Here is the hack I use to save time. In the main Troop account, I right click on the “Mark Reconciled” link and open it in a new tab (I have the option set in my browser to not go to that new tab). Keep moving through the page doing this for each transaction I want reconciled. When you go back to the page of transactions or look at the last tab you opened to when marking reconciled, you will see all transactions that were marked reconciled. I just close all of the tabs I opened when I am done or maybe part way through the process.

For individual Scout accounts, I first bring up the list of all money accounts and do something similar. Right click on a Scout account I know had transactions from the month (based on my monthly transaction extract) and open it in a new tab. I do this first for each Scout account that needs reconciling, then follow the same process outlined above for the main account. It’s not pretty, but it is much faster in the end.

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Hi @sgaines, and @PatrickSeraphine,

So what ya’ll would like is having a way of reconciling transactions all at once then?

I think this is a good feature, and I"m sorry it’s taken so long for TroopTrack to reply to this. I will go ahead and get this over to our tech team so they can work on this feature for everyone.


David Keener


I am glad you are considering the change for a future enhancement. It will indeed be beneficial to all who use money accounts. After 4 years of being treasurer, I have passed the torch, but have also shared this email with the current treasurer.

Best Regards,

Hi everyone,

Our tech team has updated the reconciling of transactions. Now you can do multiple transactions at once. When you’re in someone’s account you can click the “reconcile” box and then click the “reconcile” button. This will allow multiple transactions to be reconciled at once.


David Keener

So, is there a way Treasurer can produce a report to see who all owns what?

Hi @Keener-Trooptrack !

I don’t know how I missed this feature! Thanks for the making reconciling within an account so much easier!

From a Treasurer’s perspective, it would be ideal if we could reconcile across Money accounts. I just discovered the option to filter by date in Manage > Money > Money Book. (Yay!)

It would be a huge help if you could have that same “check box with Reconcile button” feature on that page.

Right now, I have filtered by date to get the list of all the charges that were made to all accounts for the midyear awards order that was placed. Now that I have confirmed that the amounts are correct, I would like to just check them all off while I am on that same screen.


I’m not sure what the point is of reconciling in TT yet. It doesn’t appear to change the behavior of how the transaction is treated or enable any filtering or reporting. Until these sorts of features are added, save yourself some time and stop clicking the the reconcile box.