Money Account privileges

Hi @Keener-Trooptrack !

It would be helpful if the Money Account privileges were broken up a little bit.

  1. Create new transactions
  2. Reconcile/ unreconcile all transactions
  3. Edit/ delete unreconciled transactions created by others
  4. Edit/ delete unreconciled transactions created by you

We have a couple of people who place orders on behalf of the troop. I would like them to be able to add transactions to the money accounts and edit any unreconciled transactions they have created, but not any transactions created by others, and not change any reconciled transactions.

I would like for reconciled transactions to be locked down so that they cannot accidentally (or intentionally) be deleted or changed.

This is a bit of a weakness in our finances right now. I just reconciled a transaction, but I am also still able to go in and change them after reconciling. After making the change, the transaction is still showing up as reconciled, which is no longer correct.

Thanks, David!